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General Performance / Black smoke backfire?
« Last post by nocert on December 12, 2017, 08:46:01 PM »
Hey guys need a bit of troubleshooting on what this backfire indicates, is it just un-burnt fuel? just concerned as there was a good amount off black smoke that puffed out of it. There was a flame to so not sure. I has had a recent tune as it was running far to rich and used a fuck load of gas, tuned on 98. its running way better now than it was before the tune, misfiring, boost leak, had a leak in the intake manifold and was running to rich, problems were all fixed and is now pushing 300kw. Anyways back to topic, is it normal for that amount of smoke to puff out when revving high as i do in video. cheers

Introductions / New Member Welcomes / Re: My RB30DET money pit
« Last post by xsv_32 on December 11, 2017, 04:39:49 PM »
Nah I wanted to keep the full interior and be able to take friends / roadtrip etc. Otherwise it would have a roll cage in it haha.

The suspension droop was a challenge, I use D2 street coilovers. After a bit of homework and reducing the spring preload and still not getting enough, I ended up adding tein keeper springs from autolign in and that got me over the mark.

So I took the car for its re check and passed everything. Although I did have to secure the required slip on wheel spacers to the brake discs by drilling and tapping a hole into them and using a short counter sunk screw to secure the spacers in place. Took the photos and emailed them through and the paper work for my cert plate was sent off.          :)

Long story short shes all road legal now! Managed to get a WOF without too much trouble is no longer in need of a tow rope or trailer whenever trackdays come around! Stoked           :D
General Performance / R34 GTR Steering Pump hose interferes aftermarket radiator
« Last post by etang789 on December 08, 2017, 06:09:06 AM »
I just found out the reason that previous owner modified the A/C high pressure hose from the A/C pump is because the steering pump higher pressure hose interferes with my Greddy aftermarket radiator. The A/C high pressure hose has been leaking forever due to poor welding, now I just want to replace with a new OEM piece.

How do you guys deal with the interference between steering pump hose and radiator?

Note: I already have twin SPAL electric fans, I think I can play around the position and get away.
Introductions / New Member Welcomes / GTR R34 Owner from Hong Kong
« Last post by etang789 on December 08, 2017, 06:08:01 AM »
I have been owning this 1999 GTR R34 V Spec since 2014. It took me years to find this car, although the condition was ok but the mods were messy still happy to bring it home. Since then my goal was to make it more street legal aka clean up the engine bay and bring out the potential of the car aka ditch the HKS F-Con V-Pro for Haltech Platinum PnP.

Proper Tuners for GTR or RB26 are non existent in Hong Kong. Thats why I am joining this forum hoping to gain more knowledge from members here!

Here is the current mod list:
- Haltech Platinum PRO Plug-in
- Haltech WB2 Dual Channel CAN Wideband Controller
- N1 Block
- Jun cam 272 in/ex
- Tomei Adjustable Cam Gears
- HKS 1.2mm metal head gasket
- Nismo fuel pump
- ASNU 750cc injectors
- GM LS2 Coil On Plug
- Fluidampr Crank Pulley
- HKS Intake
- HKS intercooler pipping
- Trust intercooler
- Trust radiator
- SPAL Electric Radiator Fans
- Tomei turbo outlets
- Mine's Front Pipe Pro
- Mine's Slience-VX Pro Titan III
- Venom 100Cell 5" Body High Flow Catalytic Converter
- Nismo super copper mix clutch (700hp)
- Nismo LM-GT4 18x9.5 +12 Black
- Dunlop Z2 275
- Ohlin's DFV
- Brembo 6 pot Mono block 355mm GT brake kit
- Nismo sway bars front and rear
- Cusco control arms front and rear
- Nismo Replica Body Kit
- Nismo White Speedo
- Nismo MFD
- Haltech GaugeArt
Auckland and North / Re: Auckland Roll Call
« Last post by mathewg on December 06, 2017, 05:47:42 PM »
1. D1LEMA (Johnny) - West Auckland
2. ibb& (Nick) - North Shore
3. RBDEBT (Ross) - North Shore
4. Lethal300 (Callum) - Eastern Suburbs
5. Zanthiath (Cameron) - South Auckland
6.Tigger ( Jasmine) - North Shore
7. Koschak - Eastern Suburbs
8. Phax (Andy) - Howick
9. Darkness (Jimmy) - Central
10. Sinik34 (Cassie) - North Shore
11. b00stinz (Achala) - North Shore
12. GTS30T (Michael) - North Shore
13. P (P) - East Auckland (when I come up, otherwise Taupo).
14. evilonenz (Steven) - South Auckland
15. ONS2HU (Rob) - West Auckland
16. BADHAB|T (Gareth) - North Shore
17. melzee (Melissa) - Manukau
18. Vspec (Steve) - Howick
19. live4liners (Aaron) - North Shore
20. soljah64 (sean) - Eastern Suburbs
21. Pandora (Cameron) - Central
22. Draggy (Draggy) - Auckland
23. r33per (sam) - Auckland
24. R33GTST (Michael) - Howick
25. Soltek2002 (Dion) - Manukau
26. gts-4r (Bryan) - North shore
27. skylsh32 (Sonny) - West Auckland
28. Brett - Central-ish
29. Pastey (Josh) - Howick
30. Kuikui(Kevin) - central akl
31. WestyBob (Bob) Swanson
32. Skida (lee) - west auckland
33. luvlow (matt) West Auckland
34. Gary Oak (Sam) Eastern Suburbs
35. Snyp3r (Chris) - North Shore
36. Sectiplave (Shamar) - West Auckland
37. Stalk3r (Aaron) - Swanson
38. ilusiv ( Dan) - North Shore
39. Kinggts25t (Josh) - North Shore
40. DRFERO (B-Rad) - East syyyde
41. R32Crazy01 (Brent) - West Auckland
42. Zangetsu (James) - Central
43. StixBNR32 (Brent) - Central/West
44. N1SM0 (Raj) - South Auckland
45. nathan1017 (nate or nathan) - warkworth soon to be north shore
46. s13_jz (Dale) - Massey, west auck
47. Knucklez (Antz), Blockhouse bay , West Auck
48. CleanR33 (Allan) - Warkworth
49. DRFTAH (Troy) - Hibiscus Coast / North Auckland
50. GTRStephen (Stephen) - Hillsborough
51. REV2XS (Jaden) - Swanson, West Auckland
52. Godly26det (Cam) - West Auckland
53. zifzone (Albey) - Manukau
54. tronske (tron) - Manukau
55. rev2xs (jaden) - West auckland
56. downtrail (Russell) - West Akl
57. RBMDNS (michael) - manukau
58. EvoEta (Justin) - West Auckland
59. Ryeoon (Ryan) - South Ak & Waiheke
60. 2XCSIV (Peter) - Albany,North Shore
61. Shore boy (Justin) - North Shore
62. Aubrey107 (Aubrey) - North Shore
63. speedster694 (Richie)- South Auckland
64. Antman (Antony) - Avondale, Auckland
65. Deep (Deep) - Hillsborough, Auckland
66. SXTACY (mike) - glendene, west Auckland
67. 668 Automotive (Riki) - Warkworth
68. ErOR (Vitorio) - East Auckland
69. Stylz (Justin) - South Auckland
70. HKTK32 (Kyle) - Hibiscus Coast
71. Pniel_R33 (Winner) - Northcote, Auckland
72. Skumline (Dee) - West Auckland
73, REEOWW (Rachael) - Eastern Suburbs
74. Hr31Rb30 (jordan) - central/south auckland
75. Tomy255 (Tom) - West Auckland
76. Dann. (Daniel) - North Shore
77. A31_25DET (Anthony) - Central Auckland
78. CNR3290 (Callum) - Eastern Suburbs
79. 12th step (Fraser) - Hibiscus Coast
80. bAnnEd_Frm_BATHHURST (Brad) - West Auckland
81. Dan76 (Dan) - West Auckland
82. 1uzfesoarer (James) - Central/West Auckland
83. iMantisNZ (Lindon) - South Auckland
84. Mogiman (Chris) - Meadowbank Auckland
85. Agecage (Adriaan) - Pakaranga East Auckland
86. promaori (Nathan) - South Auckland
87. WANGAN (Les) - South of South Auckland
88. ExtremeBean (Tom) - North Shore
89. Block_O_Tron (Warren) - South Auckland
90. Truewesty (Nathaniel) - West Auckland
91. Deatrace (Tai) - South Auckland
92. mathewg (Mat) - South Auckland
General Performance / Engine ID / rough year
« Last post by Karljsw on November 30, 2017, 09:57:19 PM »
Hi Guys,

Have an Rb26 in the garage with no known history. I'm looking for info on it.

Its stamped 05U so its a stock block, but Im wanting to know the approx year of the motor.

Engine number is RB26 052XXXA

Moonlight Racing / Invidia Exhausts - NZ Dealer!
« Last post by on November 22, 2017, 06:07:57 PM »

We're supper happy to announce we've been appointed New Zealand dealer for Invidia Exhaust systems! These exhausts are hugely popular in Australia and USA and provide exceptional build, style and performance.

Cat-back exhausts, down pipes, front pipes, outlet pipes, mufflers and headers make up the majority of the lineup with some unique offerings only available through us to fit some of the Australian/NZ market cars. Japanese models make up the majority of the product line however items are available for some euro and even USA vehicles sold in Australiasia (think RHD Mustang spec).

Traditionally Invidia is quite expensive as we would be importing it per item out of USA however with this opportunity we can provide better pricing through the sea shipping options from Australia.

We are putting together our first stock order so contact us now to be part of it. Visit the Invidia Australia website here to check all of the items available then simply message us or email to get your Invidia goodness!
Moonlight Racing / Buddyclub available at Moonlight Racing !
« Last post by on November 11, 2017, 12:55:09 PM »

Buddy Club is a brand synonymous with the Honda scene from way back in the day! They've since branched out to cover a large range of manufacturers with a variety of different products.

Ball joints, camber arms, cam shafts, suspension, wheels (sorry, no old school P1 re-release), exhaust systems etc all available!

Be sure to contact us for anything you need from Buddyclub and visit their website for more info on what they have available!
Announcements / Re: New Sponsor!!!
« Last post by koschak on November 10, 2017, 10:35:52 PM »
Excellent! Everyone support those who support what we love (RB's of course!) Go for it.
Announcements / Re: 2013 Membership Form
« Last post by Animatesx on November 08, 2017, 09:52:33 PM »
I want to know the story with the layout of the subject.
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