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Author Topic: S13 Track Car Rebuild  (Read 8196 times)


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Finally Updated!
« Reply #45 on: August 08, 2017, 12:20:24 AM »
Hi Guys and Girls.

Finally after quite a few hours this evening, all the pictures on this thread are back up to date.
Photobucket as some of you may know now have a mandatory plan you must purchase annually, in order to url host photos or even download them.

Despite having to re-arrange all folders & download each image individually, just so the name correlation keeps this thread in order.
To my surprise it has remained 100% intact.

If anyone is wondering what Image hosting Website to go with, I would strongly suggest as it is the closest thing to photobucket.

There will be a few posts on this thread soon, just to update a few changes to that have been done to Ethel.
Also a heads the car will be up for sale in roughly a months time, once the rear guards have been tubbed and over fenders have been fitted.


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Re: S13 Track Car Rebuild
« Reply #46 on: August 09, 2017, 01:24:39 AM »
Part of the required upgrades to assist with quicker lap times, was slightly larger rims to allow for bigger tread.

Initially I brought a set of Rota Grid 17x9.5 20p rims off trademe for what I thought was a steal at first.
However one of the rims turned out to be cracked around the bead, bad enough it required some urgent repairs.
After welding the crack up & removing the excess material, I was kinda left with no choice but to fully strip each rim and repaint them.

Here is some photos of the process:

After all the painting and repairs were complete all rims were balanced thoroughly.
Turns out the wheel that balanced the best was the one that we welded. (Go figure)
Now due to upgrading to 17x9.5 20p rims with a whopping 275 tyre, the tyre poke on all four corners was insane!
So unfortunately that meant selling and fitting yet another set of wider guards again, this time +55mm as apposed to a measly +20mm.

We ended up running the +20mm front guards for a couple rounds last season, and just guard rolled the rear to clear the tyres at full squat.
And have only just recently fitted up the +55mm front guards, with plans to cut the rear guards in September and fit +55mm over fenders.

Surprisingly despite how frustrating these guards were to fit, they lined up reasonably well in the end.

After staring at the hori cable pull cords for two seasons, it was time to replace them with proper Red T handle ones from Racetech.

The passenger seat has been chucked back in which has made the interior look more or less finished.

Once the remaining work is complete in September, the plan is to take passengers for one last ride along before retiring the car.
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