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Author Topic: Moonlight Racing is going to Australia!  (Read 169 times)

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Moonlight Racing is going to Australia!
« on: February 03, 2018, 03:44:00 PM »
Moonlight Racing is going to Australia

Yep you read that right, we're going to Australia to further our business there. But never fear, our New Zealand operation will continue to operate pretty much the same with orders going out daily as well as our usual regular container shipments from Japan. And of course we can still do Yahoo and UP Garage purchases for everyone.

Orders will be packed and shipped by staff here and we'll take care of your enquiries in just the same way as we are already.

So with that in mind, if you're in Aus or know someone who is get them to get in touch for parts!

After performance parts for your car? PM Me, email or visit!